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Alex Wong

"I have been using Ross' services since he started his work in Hong Kong. He has always been extremely accurate with his assessment of injuries. I have followed his recommendations with good success. He is now now one of my key personnel in the stable and is retained for the season."

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Derek Cruz

"Ross is retained by my stable and visits my stables twice a week. I have used his services with success and will continue to call on his expertise whenever I need him. He has great horses sense and is usually spot on with his diagnosis of lameness and treatment required."

Francis Lui

"I have known Ross since he first started visiting Hong Kong, he was retained by my trainer when I was an assistant. Since gaining my trainers license I have retained him for my stables. We have a very good working relationship, and I am very pleased that he is able to assist me with my daily stable problems."

Gary Ng

"Ross calls to my stables if I have a particular problem that we can't fix ourselves. He has special skills in finding lameness and treating the problem, usually with success. I will continue to call on him when the need is there."

Geoff Lane

"I have been using Ross for about 6 years now, he is an asset to my stable. He is an accomplished horseman, exceptional at finding the cause of lameness and treating or advising on the best course of treatment. I am especially happy to have him visit my stables on a regular basis." Geoff retired from the HKJC at the end of the 2004 racing season. Trained in Macau 2004-2008, retired to Gold Coast Australia.

John Moore

"Ross first visited my stables in 1995, he had been highly recommended to me. He treated two horses on that first visit. Those two ran first and third in the Derby at their next start. I have continued to use his service since with great success and will continue as long as he services Hong Kong."

Laurie Fownes

"Ross has been looking after my stable for the past two seasons. He has great horse skills, an ability to find the cause of unsoundness and treat the problem. He will tell you what he thinks in an open and honest manner with his assessment." Laurie retired at the end of 2003 racing season.

Peter Ng

"Ross has been treating horses in my stables for many years now. He is always a great help and I have found that his treatments have been helpful to my horses. As long as he decides to service Hong Kong I will use his services."

Peter Chapple- Hyam

"Ross came highly recommended to me, he treated some of my yard and has improved the horses that he treated. I will continue to use him whenever I need him." Peter returned to U.K. to train at the end off the 2002/3 season.

Ricky Yui

"For the past few seasons Ross has been treating horses in my stable. We have a good working relationship and I often rely on his opinion with the horses in my care. We have had a lot of success."

T. P. Wong

"I think that Ross started working in my stable when he first came to Hong Kong. I have been using him for many years now and this next season I have retained him for work in my stable. In Hong Kong you need to be competitive, Ross helps my horses stay competitive." T. P. Wong retired from Hong Kong at the end of 2002 racing season.

Manfred Man

"I have known Ross for many years. Before gaining my trainers license this season I was assistant to John Moore. I have asked Ross to help with the horses in my stable as in Hong Kong you must do everything possible to keep your horses in good condition."

John Size

"Ross was recommended to me for his work. He has been through the stable and has treated a number of horses. He will continue to service my stable on a regular basis throughout the season. I am happy with the results."

Eddie Lo 

"I have been using Ross for a number of years. Whenever there is a problem with my horses he comes in and treats them. There are good results from these treatments." Eddie retired at the end of the 2004 racing season and works in administration with the HKJC. Eddie passed away in 2007.

Peter Ho 

"I have just started using Ross to treat my horses. He seems to be a very experienced person and knows his business. I will call upon him whenever I feel there is a need for his special skills."

David Hill

Ross was recommended to me by several trainers here in Hong Kong, he has successfully helped with a number of problem horses. I use his services on a regular basis and will continue doing so where the need is. David is now training in Singapore.

 Caspar Fownes

Since gaining my license at the start of the 2003/2004 racing season Ross has been regular part of the team. He is retained by my stable and visits twice a week doing pre and post racing checks and treating the horses as necessary. Hong Kong is very competitive and you must keep your horses top shape, Ross assists in maintaining this.

Danny Shum

Ross has been retained by the stable since the 2004/2005 racing season. I had heard of his ability to help keep the horses in good physical condition so I asked him to work for the stable. I want the best for my horses and my owners.

David Hall

David Hall has engaged Ross' services for the 2008/2009 racing season.